Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas

Hair is a jewelry that the woman has given to nature itself. Stylish and fashionable hairstyles and hairstyles , as well as the hair color were at all times one of the main components of the exterior. Change your hair, you can completely change your image, sometimes beyond recognition. With a carefully chosen hairstyle and skillfully applied curls, you can emphasize subtle facial features or distract attention from possible minor flaws that make you less noticeable.

Hair coloring is now considered the standard procedure by which every woman can make a natural color lighter and more saturated or radically change her image. Modern cosmetics manufacturers offer a huge range of hair colors that, at a professional level, help to hide the gray hair and change the color without negatively impacting it.

In addition to the fashion trends in the world of clothing and shoes , hair colors and hairstyle models also play an important role. Stylists who are at the forefront of world fashion argue that the upcoming 2018 season will delight us in both classic and avant-garde directions.

Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas

In the winter season 2018 cold shades will prevail. The most popular color is platinum – it is ideal for women over 40 years, thanks to this shade, a mature woman will look younger. Platinum can be called a strict as well as a romantic color, which fits perfectly to long and short hairstyles.

The classic directions include a rich black color, perhaps with a slight change in hue. Girls prefer this hair color because of its versatility, because the black is perfectly combinable with any hairstyle, be it a long tail, curly locks of medium length or a very short haircut. In the winter of 2018 , the color of deep black hair will be as natural as possible, with no overflow.

Hairbranding is another fashion trend of the coming year. The combination of two colors in a hairstyle (usually light and dark tones), looks best on curly locks, especially on long hair. But even with short haircuts, this staining method is successfully applied.

Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas

Fashionable spring colors 2018

Who of us does not dream of bright, warm colors after a long winter? The spring days will be satisfied with the variety of reds in the spring of 2018. The most popular, no doubt, will be a rich red color.

According to statistics, the owner of red hair can be found much less often than a blond or dark-haired girl. For many people, red-haired women are associated with extravagance, eccentricity, and sexuality. For this reason, by coloring her hair in any hue of the red scale, the girl gets the opportunity to distinguish herself from others. Red haired girls with short hair will look slightly naughty, long hair in this hue will emphasize the femininity and cheerfulness of nature.

Also in the spring of 2018 , red shades will be very popular. We recommend to pay attention to a dense cherry blossom. This shade is suitable for those who do not have bright reds. You can also make a variety with light berry shades or perform ombre. Cherry hair color is ideal for a short female hairstyle, while for a visual increase in the volume of hair, the transition from dark cherry to light.

Girls who are not fans of the red scale can make highlights or colors. This type of hair coloring will also be fashionable in the spring of 2018 .

Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas  Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas  Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas


Summer 2018 trendy colors

In the summer of next year, natural tones that come as close as possible to the natural hair color will come back into fashion. Of course, this is especially true of fair hair – sand tones are unusually popular, but should be given up by a radiant blonde. This area is particularly suitable for curls with medium length and short hair. For women who prefer long hair, it’s a good idea to add a few brighter strands to the main tone, giving it more naturalness.

Lovers of short haircuts can be recommended as ash blond, this color looks good even on long curls. You can emphasize the individuality by highlighting individual small strands of tones similar in tone.

Caramel Blonde this summer will also be relevant, so the beautiful sex of this hair color may certainly give preference. Especially good caramel colors for mature women – they will give the appearance of ladies more freshness and youth.

Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas  Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas  Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas

Trendy hair color for autumn 2018

The most recent shades of this autumn are chestnuts, caramel, chocolate and golden coffee. Thanks to such a rich variety of flowers, every woman can choose a shadow for herself. In autumn 2018, brown-haired women will be at the height of popularity, with special attention paid to the color of Burgundy. It’s perfectly combined with a deep black color, much more profitable than in a monochrome version. Anyone who chooses the combination of these two shades can create a unique, harmonious and lively image.

The universal colors can be attributed to all shades of milk chocolate, they approach the ladies with any length of hair and hairstyle.

Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas  Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas

How to choose the right shade, depending on the look?

When choosing a fashion image, you should not only consider the current colors of the current season, but also the color of the exterior. For a woman to look perfect, you must follow certain rules and prefer only those shades that match your style of appearance. There are four color types – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

What color of hair fits girl “Spring”

The feather type includes the owners of fair hair with snow-white skin. The eyes of the “Spring” girls can be blue, gray, brown or greenish-yellow. Tsvetotip rather rare, most often on this girl is difficult to pay attention to, because absolutely all the shades of his image have no expression.

Stylists recommend these ladies experiment with new, bright colors to change the image, coloring hair is reddish, sandy, golden or brown in color. The owners of the snow-white skin can be advised blond. Coloring and highlighting are also harmoniously combined with the appearance of the woman of the color type “spring”.

Spring girls should avoid dark tones and contrast transitions. These recommendations refer not only to hair color but also make-up and clothing. The cosmetics of natural shades and light clothes will help to create the most harmonious image.

Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas

Which hair colors are in fashion in 2019? 15 Ideas

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