Pony 2019


If you want to create an asymmetrical haircut, add an asymmetric haircut to it.
Asymmetric bangs have a number of features, the most important are unusual design and correction of the facial oval. With asymmetrical pony, stylists can easily adjust the image, making it more vibrant and attractive. For example, the owner of an oval face shape is ideal for a pop in a semicircle. But graded models of pony are better to choose holders of a round face or a heart-shaped face. The asymmetric bang suggests short, long strands that overlap, and may also have a straight split.

Straight long pony

If you want to create a vivid picture, pay attention to just long pony. This year it is important to make a straight bang with a middle section. Straight pony look incredible with long hair, and also with a haircut of cascades. Today fringes are fashionable to create with the effect of extra volume. And besides, the stylists recommend supplementing them with such hairstyles as a three-dimensional square, Messi Bob, and also cutting the page. Almost all modern straight bangs have a side vertex or dividing line in the middle. It looks incredibly strong and bright, so watch out for such a blast in 2018.

Pony 2019

Pony 2019  Pony 2019

Short pony

In 2018 there was also a short bang. You can supplement such hairstyles as the Page, Cascade, Quads, as well as Pixie Haircut. Short pony can be divided into several options. A short ragged pony is very popular among young people. Stylists often supplement them with a haircut page. Short torn asymmetrical pony for two with a haircut The side looks incredibly stylish, considering that the modern side also takes asymmetric strands and the maximum graduation. Owners of the oval face shape match a short pony paired with a haircut of cascades. In fashion also ultra short pony, which ideally paired with Bob’s hairstyle and short Bob looks.

Strip off to the side

Many girls prefer to create side pony exclusively. It is believed that they are much easier to relocate and also look more dynamic and modern. Side pony are versatile because they are suitable for all types and types of hair as well as for any length. Harmonious will look like a side fringe paired with a long hairstyle Cascade. At the same time, stylists recommend paying attention to the haircut with a Bob Kara with an oblique side bangs. Classic, oblong square to the middle of the shoulders also blends perfectly with the oblique lateral pony.

Pony with graduation

Multistage bangs have a number of features, the key to being extra volume of hair, as well as a creative style. If you have thin hair that is devoid of volume, pay attention to the multistage graded bangs. They are ideal for trimming cascades or double quads. Multistage bangs so look great with a graduated hairdo Bob.

Slanting bangs

Slanting bangs, which have been popular for several seasons, are still at the top of popularity. Slanting bangs perfectly in pairs with any hairstyles. They fit almost all the girls, but there are exceptions here. For example, the owner of an oval face shape is better to abandon the skewed brow. In 2018 it is important to create oblique bangs of s-elements of additional volume and graduation. Pay attention to the slanting bangs based on the cutting hair. And it’s fashionable to create a side volume, taking into account the lateral parting, to form an additional volume.

Thick bangs

Dense voluminous bangs from the middle of the head are also relevant in 2018. Pay attention to the thick bangs on the base of hairy Bob’s haircuts. Search hairstyles look incredibly stylish and bright, and at the same time form a dynamic image. Thick bangs only allow you to adjust the volume of hair, so make the image more attractive. And if this, thick bangs are quite easy to pack because they are easily amenable to any manipulation. The bangs of 2018 are very diverse, but the stylists recommend making the main focus on the volume of hair, asymmetry, creative style.

Pony 2019

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