Celebrities how to recreate their latest fashion trends

After a summer rich in creativity from the most famous influencers on the planet, it’s time to take stock of the latest trends and the best ways to copy these looks without destroying your budget. Here are the 3 styles to adopt urgently.

Sorbet colors for a fresh style

In case you have not switched on your phone for the past two months, the trend is pastel colors in 2018. Such as the window of an ice cream shop, all colors ranging from powder pink to almond green and blue lavender were seen on the catwalk of the greatest couturiers during the last New York Fashion Week.

The traditional candy rose did not stop at the wardrobe. The famous Italian influencer Chiarra Ferragni has indeed regaled its 14 million followers by opting for a pastel pink color on her natural blond on the occasion of her bachelor party girl.

Celebrities how to recreate their latest fashion trends

But beware, to avoid having the look of a bridesmaid, favor straight cuts, mixed with more casual pieces, type pull over size to break the side too wise.

It’s your turn to shop a pastel pink skirt and a lavender blue top to add a touch of freshness to your style and follow in the footsteps of the Italian blogger. + 474,000 likes for this outfit! You do not risk fashion faux pas in this return.

Mix sneakers and sheath dress for a casual result

Sneakers are now a central accessory in most outfits worn by famous fashionistas. This is an essential piece that will allow you to transform any style by adding a more casual, younger, even less rigid.

The second advantage is that you can also transform your look throughout the day just by changing shoes. Your favorite tailor can be accessorized with a pair of white sneakers to go to the office, before giving way to stilettos to go out for a drink with friends.

The queen of the category with 5 million followers is Kylie Jenner, real addict sneakers who does not hesitate to mix them in all its styles. If the experience tempts you, you can try to reproduce its look by mixing your turn, black dress close to the body and sneakers rather thick streetwear style.

Celebrities how to recreate their latest fashion trends

Matrix sunglasses are back

In recent months a wide variety of sunglasses has appeared for our greatest happiness. Shape, style, material, the stars have not been lacking inspiration in their accessories. Two trends stand out, the first, the square over size sunglasses, a futuristic, 90s style. They have not been seen in the spotlight for almost 20 years. Seen on Kim Kardashian West’s account many times, the trend is indeed to straight and geometric shapes.

Celebrities how to recreate their latest fashion trends

If the vigilante side of the future is not really your style, you can also opt for the opposite by choosing round and small sunglasses. Depending on the morphology of your face and the effect you want to create, the straight glasses will give you a more serious style to complete a more casual look. In contrast, round glasses add a touch of softness to a rather elegant style.

You are now ready to renew your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Do not forget, most of the look is in the accessories and innovative touches you’ll be able to bring.

Celebrities how to recreate their latest fashion trends


Celebrities how to recreate their latest fashion trends

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